Louisiana Bill of Sale Form – DMV LA Information

When you sell or buy a motor vehicle in the State of Louisiana, you’ll need a Bill of Sale also if the title assignment does not reflect date of sale, selling price and buyer/seller signatures. The Bill of Sale Form serves as a legal receipt from the seller to the buyer documenting both the change in ownership and the purchase price and it’s recommended you write one for your safety.

The following information should appear on the Louisiana Bill of Sale Form:

– Name and address of the seller.
– Name and address of the buyer.
– Motor vehicle description, including Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model, year.
– Vehicle odometer reading at the time of sale.
– Purchase price.
– Date of sale.
– Signature of the seller or of the authorized representative.
– Notary public seal identifying the seller and his signature.

Click here to download and print a generic Louisiana Bill of Sale Form

As a seller the current certificate of title must be assigned before a notary public to purchaser. We suggest you keep a copy of front/back of title, Bill of Sale Form and any other documents pertaining to the sale. Automobile license plates are not transferable. Remove license plate and surrender to the local Office of Motor Vehicles PRIOR to cancelling automobile insurance or you can notify the Department of the sale by accessing the Notice of Vehicle Transfer page and entering the required information.

As a buyer the current certificate of title must be submitted with the assignment completed and notarized. If a lien was recorded it must be properly released. Vehicles less than (10) ten years old must have the federal odometer disclosure completed on the title, otherwise, a separate statement must be submitted. Original or copy of financing statement or security agreement must be included (if applicable). Notarized Bill of Sale or Invoice with full description of vehicle must be submitted if the title assignment does not reflect date of sale, selling price and buyer/seller signatures. All files with a date of sale on or after August 1, 2012, must include a copy of the vehicle owner’s current and valid photo identification. The photo identification provided should be a driver’s license or identification card issued by this state, another state, or by the United States military. Proof of liability insurance coverage is required, unless the vehicle was purchased from a dealer.

For more information go to Department of Public Safety & Corrections, Public Safety Services – Office of Motor Vehicles

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) performs functions of the state relative to the examination and licensing of operators of motor vehicles, the suspension and revocation of such licenses, issuance of vehicle title and registration certificates, license plates for all motor vehicles operated upon the highways of the state, recordation of liens against vehicles, and the collection of sales/use tax and other appropriate fees, all in accordance with applicable laws.

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