New York Bill of Sale Form – DMV NY Information

In the State of New York when you buy or sell a vehicle, a Bill of Sale Form is required along with the title transfer on the original vehicle title. Proof of ownership normally includes a Bill of Sale (in addition to a ‘Retail Certificate of Sale’ (MV-50) if purchased from a dealer, or a ‘Certificate of Title’ (MV-999) for private sales). The seller and the buyer complete the Bill of Sale.

Before you purchase a vehicle, a trailer, a boat, a snowmobile or an ATV, make sure that you can receive acceptable proof of ownership. If you don’t have acceptable proof, you can have difficulties when you attempt to register the vehicle, get a title certificate or transferable registration in your name.

What information is included on a Bill of Sale Form?

An acceptable bill of sale includes all of this information:
– Year and make of the vehicle, boat or ATV;
– Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the Hull Identification Number (HIN);
– Date of the sale;
– Purchase price;
– Names and signatures of the buyer and the seller.

The DMV does provide an Official New York Bill of Sale Form (Form MV-912) for official use.

The buyer and the seller can make photocopies of the Bill of Sale to keep in their records. The new owner must give the original Bill of Sale to the New York DMV with the other required proofs of ownership. A Bill of Sale is not an acceptable proof of ownership without other proofs.

If you receive a vehicle as a gift you’ll need a Bill of Sale. So, if the vehicle is transferred as a gift, indicate this on the Bill of Sale and indicate that the purchase price is ‘$0’. You must also indicate the vehicle as a gift on a Statement of Transaction – Sales Tax Form: (DTF-802).

The seller must either complete and sign the transfer ownership section of the title certificate, and sign a Bill of Sale or provide other acceptable proofs of ownership and transfer of ownership.

Before you trade in or sell your old vehicle, be sure to remove the license plates and the windshield registration sticker, which shows your plate number. This will help prevent you from being charged with parking tickets that do not belong to you.

Turn in the plates to a motor vehicle office unless you are transferring them to a replacement vehicle. Always turn in your plates before you cancel liability insurance or before the insurance lapses. If you do not, your registration will be suspended, and your driver license could be suspended as well!

The buyer must sign the Bill of Sale, pay sales tax or have proof of an exemption, register and title the vehicle or trailer (or snowmobile, boat, moped or ATV) or transfer a registration from another vehicle they own to their new vehicle.

The proofs of ownership needed to register and title a vehicle in the State of New York are different for different types of vehicles (for example, cars, trailers, boats, snowmobiles, manufactured homes). Find the acceptable proofs ownership for your vehicle, or learn what to do if proof of ownership is not available.

Before you buy a vehicle, make sure it is not flood damaged. You can check the National Insurance Crime Bureau database to see if a vehicle is flood damaged. You will need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Federal and State laws require that you provide the mileage and condition of the vehicle when transferring ownership of it to someone else. If you do not give the mileage and condition information to the new owner, or if you give false mileage information, you may be subject to fines and/or imprisonment!

Complete and sign an odometer disclosure statement if the vehicle was manufactured in or after the 2011 model year and is 20 model years old or newer! The DMV will NOT register or issue you a new title certificate unless the seller has completed, and you have signed, the damage disclosure statement on the reverse of the vehicle’s Certificate of Title or have attached a completed damage disclosure on an Odometer and Damage Disclosure Statement (MV-103). This statement indicates whether or not the vehicle’s new title certificate should be branded “Rebuilt Salvage”.

For more information go to New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

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