North Carolina Bill of Sale Form – DMV NC Information

In the State of North Carolina, a Bill of Sale Form is required when you purchase a vehicle from a dealership so make sure the dealership provides you with this form. In private vehicle transactions a Bill of Sale Form is not required in North Carolina. But, even though it is not required, you should complete a Bill of Sale for your personal record.

When transferring ownership of a vehicle in North Carolina, the process is very similar to Titling & Registering a Vehicle.
So a Title transfer would be appropriate when buying or selling a vehicle or gifting or donating a vehicle.

Click here to download and print a generic North Carolina Bill of Sale Form.

The Title Transfer requires an additional document to be provided, the original Title of the vehicle. The information on the back of the original Title must be filled out by both the original owner and recipient. This information includes:
– Buyer/Recipient’s name & address;
– Date of sale or date of delivery;
– Seller’s signature & hand printed name;
– Odometer reading (if required);
– Notarization;
– Damage Disclosure Statement.

For vehicles purchased from an individual, complete these:
– Vehicle Title;
– Notarization Required;
– Lien Release – Must be completed if any liens are shown on vehicle’s title.
– Title Application (MVR-1);
– Declare all liens, Notarization Required;
– Odometer Disclosure Statement (MVR-180)
must be completed if the vehicle is less than 10 years old;
– Damage Disclosure Statement (MVR-181).

If a vehicle is transferred between husband & wife, parent & child or stepparent & stepchild, the recipient is exempt from the Highway Use Tax Exemption Certification MVR-613.

If the buyer/recipient fails to submit the request for title transfer within 28 days from the date of delivery or notary date (whichever is later), the owner will be subject to a late penalty!

For more information go to North Carolina Department of Transportation – North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.

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