Oregon Bill of Sale Form – DMV OR

In the State of Oregon when selling or buying a vehicle, a Bill of Sale Form is a mandatory document used as a record of the transaction, and for titling and registration. In Oregon, a Bill of Sale is accepted as proof of ownership when you’re completing the title transfer or registration of a vehicle.

If you are selling, donating or giving a vehicle (i.e., transferring ownership) to someone else, you must sign the title over to them, and you must also notify DMV.

If there is a lien on the vehicle (if you still owe money on your loan), the security interest holder is the legal owner and you cannot sell, donate or gift the vehicle until you have satisfied their interest (paid off the loan) and they have provided the title to you with a written release of interest, or Lien Release (Form 735-524).​

The Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV) provides both a printable version of an Oregon Bill of Sale Form and a fillable PDF Online version of the Oregon Bill of Sale Form. A Bill of Sale can protect the seller in the event that the buyer does not register the vehicle or abandons it.

To sell, donate or gift a vehicle, follow the instructions below:
– Sign the title (buyer/recipient and all owners shown on the front of the title must sign);
– On the back of the title, there is a section for the buyer(s) and seller(s) to sign;
– If the title is older, you may see a section for “registered owners” and “new owners” instead;
Record the odometer reading on the title, if applicable.

If your vehicle is model year 2011 or newer and under 20 years old, you must have an odometer disclosure! The seller and buyer of a vehicle must complete the odometer disclosure using the space on the back of the title or a Secure Odometer Disclosure form from Oregon DMV that needs to be mailed to you.

Notify DMV of a sale within 10 days (you are required by law to provide this notice) by using the Online Notice of Vehicle Sale.

Download a copy of the Notice of Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle (Form 735-6890), fill it out and mail it to DMV.

For more information go to Oregon Department of Transportation – Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division.

The Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV), is a branch of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Its mission is to promote driver safety, protect financial and ownership interests in vehicles, and collect revenue to finance Oregon’s transportation system. Oregon Department of Transportation main headquarters building is located in Salem, and local customer service is provided by offices throughout the state.