Tennessee Bill of Sale Form – DMV TN

In the State of Tennessee the vehicle’s title establishes who owns the vehicle. As vehicles are bought and sold, the title is the legal documentation of each change in ownership. Optionally you can complete a notarized Bill of Sale also. This serves as a legal contract from the seller to the buyer documenting the transaction.

The following information should appear on the Tennessee Bill of Sale Form:

  • Name and address of the seller.
  • Name and address of the buyer.
  • Vehicle description, including Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model, year.
  • Vehicle odometer reading at the time of sale.
  • Amount of sale.
  • Date of sale.
  • Signature of the seller.

Tennessee Bill of Sale Form

Click here to download and print a generic Tennessee Bill of Sale Form.

Odometer Disclosure Statement: Federal and state law require both seller (transferor) and buyer (transferee) to accurately state the mileage of any used motor vehicle, with a manufacture year of 2011 or newer, in connection with the transfer of ownership whether sale, trade-in or exchange. Failure to complete or providing a false statement may result in fines and/or imprisonment! So please don’t forget to complete an Odometer Disclosure Statement – F-1317001. To explain and certify any discrepancies that may have occured regarding the odometer please complete an Odometer Discrepancy Statement – F-1310801.

To appoint an individual or entity to manage your vehicle transaction please complete a Power of Attorney for Vehicle Transactions – F-1311401.

How to complete the Tennessee Bill of Sale Form

This Tennessee Bill of Sale is composed of three sections. Below you’ll see you how to fill out this form:

Section 1

In Section 1 the vehicle information is listed. Here you’ll need to complete the Make, Model, Year, Style (Body type), Color, VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. Also fill out the Odometer Reading at the time of transfer (use only digits, no tenths) and seller registration number. Subsequently you’ll need to answer if you previously filed an application for title of this vehicle:

Photo of Tennessee Bill of Sale Form section
Section 1 of the Tennessee Bill of Sale

Section 2

In the second section you’ll have to complete first the Seller information. This means to complete the full PRINTED name of the seller. This means to use only Capital Letters to write SELLER’S NAME. Then seller’s street address, seller’s city and state. Further you will need to fill out the Buyer information – the full name of the buyer. The buyer’s name must be PRINTED – this means to use only Capital Letters to write BUYER’S NAME. Additionally fill out buyer’s street address, buyer’s city and state. After these details you will have to write the sum of the transfer price of the vehicle or the word GIFT. Finally please indicate if this vehicle was a gift and indicate the relationship with the buyer (e.g. parent, spouse, friend):

Photo of Tennessee Bill of Sale Form section
Section 2 of the Tennessee Bill of Sale

Section 3

The last section represents the seller’s statement about the details contained in this Bill of Sale. Lastly fill out seller’s signature and date:

Photo of Tennessee Bill of Sale Form section
Section 3 of the Tennessee Bill of Sale

Please note that you can fill out this Bill of Sale form by hand. However don’t forget to use a pen and not a pencil. If you are filling out this form on your device (phone, tablet, computer) this form is a fillable PDF that works best with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Learn more about the Tennessee Vehicle Services Division

For more information go to Tennessee Department of Revenue – Tennessee Vehicle Services Division.

Tennessee’s chief tax collector, the Department of Revenue administers and collects taxes and fees associated with state tax and motor vehicle title and registration laws. Nonetheless this Department collects about 87 percent of total state tax revenue, along with taxes for local, county and municipal governments. Specifically the Department of Revenue apportions revenue collections for distribution to various state funds and local governments.

The Department of Revenue’s Vehicle Services Division provides motor vehicle title and registration services for passenger and commercial motor vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers and mobile homes.

Working with county clerks around the state, the Department registers more than six million vehicles and issues about two million new titles each year.