West Virginia Bill of Sale Form – DMV WV

In the State of West Virginia you’ll need a completed Bill of Sale if you bought a vehicle for less than 50% of its NADA Clean Loan Book value and are attempting to title it within the state. We recommend to complete in any private transaction a Bill of Sale because this serves as a legal receipt from the buyer to the seller documenting both the change in ownership and the purchase price.

The following information need to be completed on the West Virginia Bill of Sale Form:

– Name and address of the seller.
– Name and address of the buyer.
– Complete vehicle description, including Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model, year.
– Vehicle odometer reading at the time of sale.
– Date of sale.
– Signature of the seller and the buyer.
– Notary public seal is necessary.

Click here to download and print a West Virginia Bill of Sale Form.

For more information go to State of West Virginia – West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles.

Its mission is to provide essential motor vehicle and driver services, facilitate interstate travel by promoting reciprocity for West Virginia vehicles and drivers in other states, promote highway safety, and collect revenue for highway maintenance and construction programs.

West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles has 25 Regional Offices across the state equipped to serve the driving public, and a Call Center staffed with knowledgeable individuals ready to answer questions and meet your needs.

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